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Please read carefully the Privacy Policy below and the Terms of Use before you use Global Finder, use our tools and before conducting any type of transaction with Global Finder. By viewing and accessing Global Finder, you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy and you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use. Data Collection Global Finder does not save or collect any data of User unless User decides to register. However, f User decides to register Global Finder, some personal data such as e-mail address will be required for registration. We do not save any kind of information which is not asked User directly in forms. Data Protection Global Finder does not sell or share any kind of data for any kind of purpose to 3rd parties. We do not share your personal information to anyone. Global Finder takes measures for data and code security. We implemented cryptographic functions in order to keep data safety. Cookies "Cookies" are data files that are sometimes downloaded to your personal computer upon visiting web sites on web. Global Finder does not use cookies and will not access your personal computer in any way other than displaying on your browser.Minors Global Finder tools are not targeted at minors, and minors may not register for any kind of services provided by Global Finder. Seo And Website Analyses Global Finder provides online monitoring and analysing web tools, including, but not limited to, the free Seo Tools and Website Tools. These tools requires domain names from user and as user proceed the form, Global Finder will collect public data of given domain name and store it. The public information such as site title, description, homepage screenshot, most searched queries, domain age, etc. of domains will also be visible to other users. Whenever user types a domain, Global Finder automatically start collecting public information of given domain.

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